Sarajevo Revisited

Whenever I return home from Sarajevo my head is so filled with encounters and happenings it pushes me into a strange state of void (if there is such a thing). I cannot describe it any other way. Somehow, for a day at least, I feel kind of lost in utter nothingness. Perhaps it’s just exhaustion. There’s only so much partying one can handle after all. And trust me, they certainly know about partying.


Sarajevo, sirnice

Every time I’m there I’m soaked in goings-on, events, good time, meeting people, food, drink yet at the same time everything around somehow loses its edge and significance. After Sarajevo I seem unable to make sense of anything, mostly confusing and disturbing being not able to write. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the density of it all, maybe it’s the vacuity of it all.



We, the so-called Westerners, are programmed and predestined in a way that demands us to be efficient and effective all the time. Even our free time, i.e. time off work, is mostly about running from one objective to the other. We’re supposed to be busy all the time, preoccupied by this and that, seemingly accomplishing our aims 100%, but always lacking time for some thing or the other. It’s obviously a thing of the past to enjoy every day just as it comes. (I-love-you-just-the-way-you-are kind of thing. This too has been lost as a general rule. Most people pretend to be something they aren’t most of the time. So who do you love?) Well, not in Sarajevo. Yet.


View of Bjelašnica, arriving from Sarajevo
View of Bjelašnica, arriving from Sarajevo

Anyway, Sarajevo happened again. Two, three days of quality time off with  SarajlijeAnd the mountain. Only 30 minutes of very cautious (very Western like) driving away out of the polluted city and there’s the joyous outdoors.

Bjelašnica ski resort near Sarajevo


It’s the most natural thing of all to organize roštilj in a little more than a cabin off piste after a day of skiing. It’s certainly no good without some dancing, there’s always music to hand. Miraculously even lightshow appears. Everybody sings along, everybody knows the lyrics to whatever music is on. People walk in and out, some only to say hello, long time no see, friendly hugs and kisses, the others to stay and have fun. One brings extra food along, the other a bottle or two. A big fire is lit at the entrance where groups of people take random turns to just get some fresh air or to watch the huge orange moon in motion. We were the first to leave (the toll of a night out the previous day) after quite a few hours of joy and complete idleness. Our bellies were happily full (the superior veal! the tender somun! the lovely sirnice!).


Apres ski feast on Bjelašnica near Sarajevo
Apres ski feast on Bjelašnica near Sarajevo

Unthinkable. Talk about things that truly matter.