Harissa marinated asparagus (via Sabrina Ghayour)
Beef broth (or Rindsuppe)
Roasted cabbage discs (via Nigel Slater) 
Cabbage with hot sauce (via Orangette)
Braised celery and tomato (via Saveur) 
Chicken Bulgogi (adapted from David Lebovitz)
Roast chicken Marseille-style (with peppers) (adapted from Thomasina Miers)
Chicken in yogurt and saffron from Iran (Joojeh kebab) (via Honey & Co.)
Oven-baked chicken with tomatoes (via 
Fave e cicoria (via Rachel Roddy)
Potatoes (one of my favourite sides)
Roasted peppers 
Semolina dumplings (via Lil Vienna)
Spaghetti with lemon, parsley, garlic and chilli (adapted from Rachel Roddy)
Roasted tomatoes (adapted from David Lebovitz)

After workout yogurt (immediate post-exercise hunger stop) 
Crostata (adapted from Wednesday Chef) 
Clafoutis (adapted from Rowley Leigh)
Roasted figs (best of summer) 
Fig jam (via Anna Jones)
Fruit galette (via delicious:days)
Ketmer (via Honey & Co.)
Pink grapefruit slush (via David Lebovitz)
Plum jam (Bosnian plums)
Simple mess (quintessentially British dessert)

Two Christmas dinner menus (with links to original recipes)

Campari Orange
Lady of Mayfair