La La Land Zero Points

Why? Because it’s crap. In fact, it shouldn’t even remotely be alluded to the über-kitschy Eurovision Song Contest, it’s that lame.

The story is …. wait, what story? Acting is thin. The film as a whole is what a six-year-old might want to watch if at least it wasn’t for the music. You’re quite right I didn’t like the movie. Now that we’ve gotten this out of the way, let us return to the real world. Thank goodness it does actually exist.

For a healthy(ier) dose of reality (although that too is discutable) there are at least two other options in case you’re into a night out at the cinema: the obvious I, Daniel Blakea major film in Europe in 2016, and one of this year’s contenders for the throne Oscars: the subtle (maybe this is too soft a word) Manchester-by-the-Sea.

They’re incomparable so adding them both to the list may be a good idea. If nothing else, although there is a lot of it within both of them, the acting is unsurpassable. By all means let yourself go and don’t expect too much sentimentality.

I also think it likely for Moonlight to be a good one but since I haven’t seen it yet I couldn’t possibly comment. The legendary Francis Urquhart.

While we’re talking movies I have a confession to make. Au contraire to what you might make of my taste for movies from a few comments above and here just a few days ago (when I nursed that nasty virosis) I watched  Steel Magnolias again, starring Dolly Parton, Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Daryl Hannah and Julia Roberts (watch out for a very young Dylan McDermott and charming Tom Skerritt too). For the umpteenth time I think. Know what? The eighties were a good decade to grow up in. How else could you possibly grasp it? In addition, with the right hairdo you were actually on top of the world. Furthermore, the 80s are apparently trending grossly in fashion and beauty; I notice a lot of padded shoulders around. So, if you need a reminder grab a pack of kleenex and invite a companion to the couch to watch (and comment aloud) this wonderfully pink comedy. Remember, it’s blush and bashful.