Italy, I Miss You

Sometimes I wonder why I like to go to Italy so much. Well, there are many obvious and profane reasons, all of them perfectly legitimate, like shopping for shoes and food, chancing upon history and sights around each and every corner, sensing the arts, learning about la vita italiana.


Martina Franca, Apulia, Italy

It makes sense that the more often you visit the same place the more details you notice: not only the obvious ones nor solely the pleasant. Anyway, the enjoyable moments, be it in Italy or anywhere else, are the ones that will most likely stay with you in the future.

However globalized the modern Italy today is, it’s retained the indescribable charm true to itself and itself only. I like to think that it’s got a tiny bit to do with its form and geographical position: the elegant boot (Italian footwear is the best, right?) dipped into the Mediterranean (synonymously rich, dense, warm mix of everything, food, emotion, politics, climate, name it) by almost full length, only the uppermost rim being strongly attached to the Alps as if for the balance. Most importantly, Italians appear to be much more relaxed, not so exhaustedly strained or alienated, and above all they go about life with passion.


Venice, Italy

At one point or another every one of us longs for the simple, seemingly uncomplicated life one tends to experience during a holiday. But life is no picnic or holiday they don’t forget to tell us every so often. This makes for a perfectly sound reason why one should maximize on experience of delight. Take it in the Italian way. As I said, I miss Italy.


Venice, Italy