Colour Me Happy

Discovery of the day: I miss the colours. This is why at the beginning of February it seems to me the winter lasts forever. It’s no easy task imagining a near end to it when there are only the greys, browns and dark greens around. It’s easy peasy getting through January, although long, after the festive hysteria but once February takes to stage it’s no consolation it’s the shortest month of the year.

Photo gallery featuring lots of cerulean


Well, let’s not get too pessimistic. It’s not that bad after all. I only have to flip through my photos to feel better. I notice a heart-warming detail: plenty of blue skies feature in my photos. There are also so many roses it makes me dizzy just to call to mind their seductive perfume and the royal crowns of their blooms.

Roses, the queens of gardens


Still, there are months to go before my balcony garden will look like this again.

Urban balcony garden


Nevertheless, music might help to kill the blues. Let’s see, hmm mhmm.

I found something yellow (By the way, if it’s been a while since you saw An Officer and a Gentleman for the last time maybe now is a good time to watch it again. It is a bit syrupy but unless you’re on a diet you might just give it a go.) and blue.  I’ve got something raw pink too. What do ya think?

It doesn’t matter if the clouds are grey and low when there are  colours all around, eh?