Citrus and Booze Slush

Homemade frozen delight for adults only

How come I never heard about it before? Slush, as bizarre as a food name can be, is my summer favourite if I ever had one. Made of freshly squeezed citrus juice, a little bit of sugar and some liquor, it has summer written all over it.

Pink grapefruit slush in a glass - a perfect summer refreshment
Nothing beats a glass of frozen delight a.k.a. citrus slush on a hot summer’s day (or night)

This slush is made of very staple ingredients so with a little luck you’re all set to give it a go. As a matter of fact, recently, with a leftover ½ litre of pink grapefruit juice in my fridge, I sat down in front of my computer to check David Lebovitz’s site for a recipe how to use it up, and guess what? He’d just posted about the Pink Grapefruit and Gin Slush. As he said, great minds think alike …

Citrus slush taken out of the freezer and scraped with a spoon
Citrus slush taken out of the freezer and scraped with a spoon

To make pink grapefruit slush all you need is: ½ litre of pink grapefruit juice, 50 grams of sugar and 80 ml of liquor. And here’s the best part: unless you’re buying your freshly squeezed juice from a grocer’s or that juice bar around the corner, squeezing the fruit is just about all the work that is required here. No mixing, no churning, no watching the thermometer or the timer. No machines or special equipment needed. Its input output ratio is out of this world.

Pink grapefruit slush in a glass: it is too easy to not make it at home
No matter what your skills in the kitchen are: pink grapefruit & grand marnier slush is a no brainer

To cut it short on the booze selection, they say gin or vodka or tequila or whiskey so it’s really up to your tastes. I use Grand Marnier, the one with cognac (Red Ribbon), since I’m still living my little private citrus obsession.

Citrus slush, here made of pink grapefruit juice and Grand Marnier slush looking all pretty
Pink grapefruit and Grand Marnier slush looking all pretty

Here’s how I learnt to do slush from David Lebovitz’s instructions:

I melt the sugar in about 1 dcl of juice over medium flame.

I add the Grand Marnier and pour the mixture together with the rest of the juice into a freezer-safe container.

I close it tightly and leave it in the freezer for a couple of hours. That’s it.

All that’s left to do is scrape it out with a spoon and fill a glass with it. Or glasses, if you’re treating someone else as well.

For the proper professional recipe and instructions see David Lebovitz’s site.

Lemon Slush mixed with water to make a refreshing drink
Lemon Slush turned La Limonata Corretta

The pink grapefruit slush made this way is fantastic (alcohol and sugar will prevent it freezing stone hard) but I assume one could use any other citrus juice: regular (white) grapefruit, orange, tangerine, even lemon.

One note on the lemon slush: I tried it, it turned out perfectly but it is rather, well, too lemony. Even for such a great enthusiast of anything from the citrus department it is actually quite tangy. I found another way to use it up: I scrape it into a glass half way up and then top it with cold water. Add a straw and you have made yourselves a very refreshing drink. Yes, you’re right, it is a kind of reinforced lemonade. La limonata corretta. Cheers!