Aperitivo Time

On everyday occasions, which family lunch or early dinner certainly are, I, not unlike many working women and men, tend to resort to staple dishes that can be whizzed through with no recipe, quickly and without an extra trip to the store. Every home cook has a selection of fail safe dishes up their sleeve that can save the day and feed the exhausted and famished loved ones.

Sage thoughts

Due to our accelerated rhythm, sadly, these dishes are often repeated, only slightly tweaked to not lose on the “simplicity”, and therefore appear on the menu many times more or less steadily, so the teenage population, if my memory serves me right, tends to find them boring. The teenagers don’t pretend to be kind and nice, they serve the downright harsh “Tell me it’s not [insert whatever dish is a staple in your household] again” and add the typical rolling of the eyes and possibly a yawn.

Not surprisingly, cooks on such occasions find themselves on the verge of breaking down what with the job, the commute, the never-ending list of errands. I’m here to tell you to not feel bad about yourself if after such an episode you feel like you’re singlehandedly running a hotel for ungrateful family members. Sit down, pour yourself a drink (think of it as an aperitivo if it makes you feel less guilty) and cool off. Evidently, everything’s waiting for you to be done anyway, so it just might wait for a little bit longer. The best before doesn’t apply here.

I also have good news for you. There comes the time when you can make whatever you want to eat and repeat it as many times as you want to and if you feel like it there’s a variation of that same salad every single day and it’s all fine. Yep, it actually happens, it’s no fiction.

Suggestions, you ask? Recently I rediscovered the appeal of Campari Orange thanks to my little (still ongoing, thanks for asking) obsession with citrus.

Aperitivo in Hotel La Perla, Corvara in Badia
Campari Orange as served in La Perla in Corvara in Badia

It’s too simple to make at home, really. Into a glass filled with ice pour roughly one part Campari, three parts (or even just two depending on your mood) orange juice (I like freshly squeezed one, preferably of blood oranges but any store-bought variation will do), add a slice of orange and enjoy. Cin cin!



Food52 Campari Orange recipe (I love the photos)

Official Campari site delivers an interesting expanation of why this long drink’s original name was Garibaldi