All Is Well That Ends Well

This one is for those who have the courage to admit to have an occasional bad day (as opposed to those who are always great, spectacular, never better, and continually in a good mood). Shit happens.


As far as I can tell, I was in a perfectly good mood when I left for work in the morning the other day. Somehow everything started turning downhill in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t only the bus that wasn’t on schedule, although it being packed beyond tolerable was one step too far, it was purely the sole idea of yet another commute that drove me over the limit, so by the time I exited the bus fifteen minutes later I hated it all: the early hour, the job, being late, the people, the world.

An unexpected trip to the hinterland later in the afternoon ticked all the right boxes so my mood gradually changed for the better. The drive through suburban sprawl just on the outskirts of my hometown opened my eyes to the other realities, not necessarily significant or of any importance. For example, people actually paint their houses in wide stripes of alternating yellow and red, as if to replicate the beehives, or so it seems. Or, there are patches of land spreading just off the road that are so thick with snowdrops that you rub your eyes in bewilderment. Yet you’re less than ten kilometres from the city centre. The road narrows to the width of bike lane. Between the dark, shadow-filled landscape and the ceiling of dense white clouds hanging loosely from the blue a slit forms and suddenly the white-capped mountains appear right there before my eyes. I stop the car and take a picture.

Before the day was over I was sent a link with a note it was a must to watch. I’m not the one to cold-bloodedly promote youtube clips but I urge you to take the time (what is ten minutes and well spent at that?!), make yourselves comfortable and enjoy. Spoiler alert: I laughed out loud more than a couple of times. More importantly, I went to bed good-humoured.

Thank you, son.


There are better jobs. There are better people. Of course, there is hope. Bad day now and then doesn’t make you a loser.